Zanzibar Island

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Known as the Spice Island, the beautiful island of Zanzibar on Africa’s east coast is bursting with culture and history, 60 miles off Africa’s east coast, reached by a two-hour boat journey from Dar es Salaam or the recommended short flight from Dar es Salaam or Nairobi. The historic part of Zanzibar’s capital (Zanzibar Town) is Stone Town – UNESCO World Heritage-listed and the cultural heart of the island. This coastal city is a real mix of cultural influences, with labyrinthine alleyways, Sultan’s palaces, weathered historic buildings, intricate architectural details and bustling curio stalls – a real assault on the senses. Visit the House of Wonders, Stone Town’s largest building, built-in 1883 for the second Sultan of Zanzibar, and now a museum dedicated to Zanzibar’s history and culture. Wander around the old forts and vibrant markets, and visit the site of the former slave market. Then head to one of the rooftop restaurants for a bite to eat or a refreshing drink.

Stone Town is where you’ll find Zanzibar’s main cultural sightseeing, but it’s worth taking a tour of the traditional farms, which grow cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. The experience is undoubtedly popular with holidaymakers, but it’s a real sensual insight into the spices that have such an influence on the local cuisine.

Stone Town makes for a great day or two of exploration, but the ‘stay longer’ reason here is Zanzibar’s stunning palm-fringed beaches, lapped by warm Indian Ocean waters. Zanzibar’s coastline offers some of the best beaches in the world, but sand and surf vary depending on what side of the island you’re on. On the east coast, waves break over coral reefs and sand bars offshore, and low tide reveals small pools of starfish, small minnows, and anemones. Up north, ocean swimming is much less susceptible to the tides, and smooth beaches and white sand make for dazzling days in the sun. Amongst the island’s best is beautiful Nungwi at the northern tip of the island, and Bwejuu beach on the south-eastern coast. Most of the beaches are around an hour away from the airport. Spend your days simply soaking up the sun, enjoying pampering spa treatments, indulging in wining and dining, trying your hand at watersports or snorkelling amongst the colourful corals.

On the south coast of Zanzibar lies the Menai Bay Conservation Area, a sea turtle protection area for the endangered species that come to breed on the island. Roads to the southeast coast take visitors through the Jozani Forest, home to Zanzibar’s rare Red Colobus monkeys and a number of other primate and small antelope species.

List of Zanzibar Excursions

zanzibar stone town tour

Stone Town Tour

This is a half-day private guide tour, with this walking tour consists of visits to the historical sites like the Arab fort, house of wonders, former slave market, darajani fruits and spice market, chicken and fish market, palace museum, Freddy mercury house, forodhani garden, bazaar streets, and other parts in the Stone Town. There are alot of things to do depending with your interest.

zanzibar cultural tour

Cultural Tour

Culture of the Zanzibari's people has many to take you above the sky, once you visit the village to discover the stylish and unique way of hair plaiting, henna painting, cooking the local foods and you must be that keen on it once you test it, there is a lot to enjoy from the village of jambiani, Nungwi, Paje, uzini and kizimkazi, but we definitely choose one of which per tour.

zanzibar dolphin tour

Dolphin Tour

This is a half day sea adventure trip which must be done early in the morning around 6 am to 7 am or the afternoon session from 4 pm, the reason is, dolphins don't like hassle and disturbance of the boats and fishermen. if you happen to go there wrong hours it may take you several hundreds of miles to spot them. all in all, the weather can make the trip to be postponed or even cancelled.

zanzibar mnemba atoll snorkeling

Mnemba Atoll Trip

It is a full day sea trip near around mnemba island, get ready for snorkeling, swimming and lunch with full of seafoods and soft drinks, this is a group tour (shared with other in a big traditional dhow). we depart from Nungwi village every day at 9:00 am, the best flavour is when you start sailing with traditional sailing dhow. we provide snorkeling gears and life jackets on request.

pemba island tours

Pemba Island Trip

Pemba Island is the sister island of Unguja (Zanzibar). we fly with 8:00 am flight or takinga a boat to Pemba, and we start our tour immediately visit Ole Village for cultural tour, Ngezi Forest, flying foxes, chake chake market. etc. Based on your requested activities we can have a single tour, multiple days tours or taking a day off to relax in Pemba's hotels or lodges.

Zanzibar jozani forest

Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani forest reserve was soon renamed as Jozani chwaka bay national park, is it only 35 minutes drive from Stone Town, there are 3 major attractions within the park, this forest has the very rare red colobus monkeys which can't be found anywhere else, nature trails that can create the unique and memorable nature walking tour, and the natural plants.

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Local Game Fishing

Local game fishing in Zanzibar is a half day tour that starts early in the morning, from 6:00 am or 7:00 am, as a local activity we start by setting the sail from one of the villages around the Island, we normally choose the nearest village close to you hotel. We equip you with simple fishing gears, with what locals are even catching barracuda, kingfish, yellowfin tuna, and grouper.

Mangapwani Coral Slave Cave Tour

Mangapwani Slave Chambers

When the slavery abolished in 1873 many didn't know that if there are some smugglers still proceeding with that sinful business, the Mangapwani slave chambers were such the hidden trunks which were used to replace the mkunazini old slave market. The chambers were never discovered until recent years when a village farmer saw a strange and intimidating hole.

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North Coast Relaxation

Nungwi is the best area for the relaxation and beach leisure walking, if this is not enough there are a number of restaurants, water sports and activities. We transfer our clients either from Stone town, South or East coast for their full day relaxation, tourists can have the option to start with village tour before and then ahead towards the white sandy beach for the day relaxation.

zanzibar Prison Island Tour

Prison Island Tour

The sea trip half day tour in a historical and most spoken island which is very close to Stone town, the island has wonderful snorkeling tour, giant tortoises and the best ever for the day relaxation. it is 25 minutes by boat (motorized). While you are on this magnificent archipelago you will be able to swim around. The tour can start anytime from 9;00am.

Safari Blue Tour Zanzibar

Safari Blue Tour

A full day sea safari trip starts from Fumba village south-west of the island at 9:00 am, and ends at 4:30 pm, lunch and soft drinks are included. the major attractions are snorkeling, swimming around the sandbank and eating seafood while you are on the Kwale island, without forget that you will be toured at the baobab tree which is believed has more than 200 years.

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Sandbank Picnic

Nakupenda island (sandbank) with prison island tour) is a full day sea adventure which starts daily in Stone town near Forodhani garden, the traditional dhow departs at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. at first you will visit prison island, and snorkeling around it, before you will be taken to the sandbank, lunch and soft drinks are awaiting for you. Relax on the sandbank after swimming.

Zanzibar spice tour

Spice Plantation Tour

This is a half day tour on the spice farm near Kijichi village, as a private tour, it can start at any time just after 8:30 am and as late as before 4:30 pm, visitors will have the only opportunity to discover the spicy plant and herbs, it is only 2 and half hours, but is more than enough, testing tropical fruits, seeing coconut climber sings on the top of palm tree. Some of them are for medicine.

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Sunset Dhow Cruise

Is a special tour for those who are much interest with memorable and amazing photos, we start our journey at 5pm at forodhani garden, aheading to mtoni marine about 8 km from the Stone town, and then adjust our sail ready for getting back, while we are on our way back is when you will start to see the wonderful pastel colour covering the island.

zanzibar sauti za busara

Stone Town Evening Tour

Forodhani garden is a really place for the evening activities, we shall transfer you from your hotel to this evening food market, whereby a lot of sea foods and swahili cuisines are prepared soon after 6pm, there will be number of people from differnt background eg Asians, white and the natives all are waiting for the Zanzibar Pizza and seafoods. Relaxation to some snacks.

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Off-road Trip

Enjoy the fun of riding on a quad bike, buggy or Scooter and discover remote trails, unspoiled landscape and local villages. It is the best way to look at the inland nature as well as to get in touch and enjoy the way of living of the population of this area. The tour carries on for different roads where we can see, again, nature while we cross more plantation and discover the beautiful places.

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Chumbe Island

It is a full day relaxation on the wonderful beach of the prestigious and wonderful world protected island, the island is found about 8 miles south-west of the Stone Town, it is known as a marine conserved area that is self-funded through an ecological-hotel. this is the gorgeous place for snorkeling and beach relaxing. It is the only an uninhabited island dominated by coral rag forest.

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Community Tour

We have realized that we need to bring tourists to the real life of local people. Our main focus is the marginalized groups in society, groups that have greater challenges. You will gain the experience of seeing not only Zanzibar's attractions but also will get an opportunity to experience the real life of marginalized people of Zanzibar and help them in any way.

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