Wedding and Honeymoon

best destination for honeymoon

Special moments always deserve special places to celebrate. Tanzania as the perfect places for a romantic moment, whether you are looking for a classic dedicated safari, a relaxing beach pause or both, we are here to help you.

We know your wedding and honeymoon is private and more personal, for that reason all of them are tailor-made and powered by unrivalled personal service and advice. Our only concern is to make sure that you have the perfect itinerary for a memorable experience while in Tanzania.

A Tanzania wedding and honeymoon packages provide one of the widest ranges of choices on earth. The postcard white, palm-fringed beaches are here, as is a selection of some of the most dramatic honeymoon destinations in Africa and then, there is the exertion of climbing Kilimanjaro to attract the adventure lovers. Imagine you have your wedding at the roof of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro or at the wild set surrounded by fauna and flora at the greatest Serengeti land and spend your honeymoon near Indian ocean beach with wind sand.

Tanzania Wedding and Honeymoon Safari

It is one of the most unique wedding and honeymoon experiences in the world. It certainly is one of the most romantic and adventurous ways to kick off the dawn of a new marriage. In truth, most of the camps (tented), lodges and locations we encourage people to go to on safari cater very well for wedding and honeymoon so it becomes very subjective to each, and different couples as to what would make for the best wedding and honeymoon safari.

Our general rule of thumb when considering exactly what to do is to stick to your normal travel personality traits and discuss with us the degree of adventure, luxury and relaxation you feel you may want. There are a few things that immediately elevate a trip from ordinary to wedding and honeymoon category. Private guides and vehicles are there for you, remote romantic safari camps in off the beaten track parks or reserves, touches of luxury either at the medium or magnificent scale for example.

Tanzania Zanzibar Wedding and Honeymoon

Beaches are foremost in the minds of many brides and grooms, and our Tanzania wedding and honeymoon service provides a selection from the most intimate to the most active. There is generally great thought put into the wedding and honeymoon. Decisions are made to fit your interests. Palm-fringed beaches with white sand are of the most popular choices, the wedding and honeymoon holiday is right up there and there are also the unusual wonderful intimacy and activities.

The beaches of the Indian Ocean are renowned around the world and Tanzania is no different. The islands of the Zanzibar and Mafia archipelagos are some of the most dramatic in the Indian Ocean providing for a wedding and honeymoon to treasure.

Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar Weeding and Honeymoon

One of the most popular weddings and honeymoons today is the combination of the African safari with a beach, a choice that will be sure to ease even the least romantic of us into proclaiming eternal love. And Tanzania is certainly the best place on earth to experience this memorable wedding and honeymoon combination.

For those looking for a wedding and honeymoon with a difference, as many couples do, there can be no more dramatic than climbing the highest free-standing mountain on earth, Mount Kilimanjaro. Eight days of exertion with the exaltation of reaching the summit for your wedding or just celebrating your honeymoon is sure to cement a relationship forever.