Tipping Guides and Porters

Before climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, most climbers often start worrying about the porter and guide’s tip before the climb starts. They want to know how much it will affect their budget, and to make sure they are paying a good tip. Our philosophy is just like service in a restaurant, a climbing tip should only be given if you received a good service from us. A typical porter on a seven day climb should receive around a $40 tip; a cook could receive about US$80, and chief guide could receive US$100 or more. The exact tipping amount depends on group size and how many days were spend on the mountain.

The average recommended tip per group per day:

▪ Chief guide: US$ 20 -US$ 25 per chief guide per day from the group
▪ Assistant Guide: US$ 12 -US$ 20 per assistant guide per day from the group
▪ Cook: US$ 12- US$ 15 per cook per day from the group
▪ Porters: US$ 8 - US$12 per porter per day from the group

Things to remember when tipping:

▪ Distribute it on the final morning of the descent usually at Mweka Camp or the Park Gate
▪ We recommend giving the tip to the crew members directly to ensure the full amount of the tip is received.
▪ Bring a packet of letter size envelopes to distribute the tip
▪ It is recommended not to pay your porters any tips until you and all your gear have descended from the mountain.
▪ Bring a packet of letter size envelopes to distribute the tip
▪ Tip in either Tanzanian Shillings or US Dollars

We struggle to have the best porters through the fair and honest treatment of our staff. We ensure that:
▪ Our porters are paid immediately upon completion of a trip
▪ Our porters are paid more than the standard compensation on Kilimanjaro.
▪ Our porters are paid tips in a fair, transparent manner.
▪ Our porters are fed three nutritious meals per day, in adequate amounts, of their preferred local foods.
▪ Our porter loads are limited to 15 kilograms.
▪ Our porters have the proper gear and equipment to handle the mountain.