Student Education Package

arusha city

We are the part of the learning process, educational tour for students in a different career path is organised to suit the demand of the student and his/her education entity. We have demonstrated a wide experience in organising student travel and tours for education purpose such as research, study tour, fieldwork, volunteering and jut a vacation in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Our team will blend your choice of interest on the topic of your travel to prepare a unique package that matches with your expected output. We have experience in tailor making program to carter for interests in all field whether it is the art, music, languages, culture, science and sports as to bring your learning interests to life. Our student trips and vacations cater to High school students, College students University students, Research students and Graduate students who are looking for exposure or working experience.

Our Student packages offer valuable learning experiences and lots of fun through various activities such as wildlife safaris, trekking, cultural tours and historical, homestays vacations and many more. Our team of professional guides normally exposes students to new and stimulating situations which help to build confidence in young people, both now and for their future.

We offer schools, colleges, university students and graduates a unique opportunity for two cultures to interact, connecting and working together to accomplish what is the best for our community and the world.

For those who want to do research, we can help you to find a good topic and organizing a perfect local team to help you with any thesis for school or university. While you are doing research and collecting data, we care for the rest so you can concentrate on your work.

As it had been happening in other years, we are glad to announce that in 2020 there is a hot and special offer for students planning to visit Tanzania. Our team is ready to work with you as to meet your desires at very competitive rates you can’t get anywhere!