Are you looking for a cheap and safe place to live with a homey atmosphere?

Then hostel is the place for you! Whether you’re traveling alone, in a group or with your special someone, we can provide you with rooms that will fit your situation. You will be provided with three meals every day cooked by the excellent local chef, who both cooks local Tanzanian food and international food. They are favourable even to those with allergies or intolerance.

We can offer you both single rooms, shared rooms with bunk beds and couples room with a double bed. The rooms are big, and also contain closets or shelves for you to put your clothes on. The toilet facilities are European standard, and the showers and toilets are only a few seconds of walk from every room.

The houses have a common area, where you can relax with the free in house wi-fi and playing games. All hostels have strong security so you will be safe during your stay.

We encourage you to come with games, books and not to forget a small gift especially snacks.

We are offering a diverse range of holiday experiences which match with your desirable accommodation.