Factors To Consider When Choosing Between A Camp Or Lodge

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04 August 2019

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between A Camp Or Lodge

The focus of our award winning Safaris is on good sightings and exceptional wilderness, where predators and prey roam freely in the wild. But we also strive to make sure that you relax and experience the African bush at your own pace. To achieve this make sure that we book strategically located lodges or tented camps. You can find a variety of accommodations available on Safari in Tanzania. A selection of accommodation is carefully custom-designed according to your preferred style. We have a selection of luxury lodges and affordable Camps; our main goal is to create an unforgettable experience from your Tanzania Safari Tours.

The following are quick things to know about before selecting the accommodation style.

1. Who are you travelling with?
The decision of choosing camps or lodges will entirely depend on whom you are travelling. Travelling with your family, or as a couple, or on a honeymoon safari, then you will be interested in staying in a tented camp. It gives you comfort, intimacy and gives tailor made touch with a handful of guests to cater to. However, most of the families prefer lodges while travelling with kids where facilities are more favorable and children’s movement is not restricted under adult supervision.

2. What is your style of travelling?
The style of travelling depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for more comfort without being conscious of wildlife and want to access all the tour amenities such as swimming pool, massage services and a restaurant like a feel, then you can go with Tanzania Lodge Safari. If you are flexible on budget and want an experience of wildlife in tented camps, then choose camps.

3. Are you open to raw wildlife adventure?
You should know that the tented camps do not have any fences or wires to border, the animals will be passing by the tent but it is not unsafe to stay in camps. The experience will be raw and camp staff are well trained to ensure your safety. If you are not ready for such experiences then you can opt to stay in the lodge.

4. Do you know the time of year of your travel?
In the rainy season from April to May, most of the camps remain close; they open back only after June. However, lodges are open throughout the year and it would be an ideal choice for warm environment with most amenities available in-house.

Do you have your travel dates and accommodation preferences in mind?
Kamtu Africa Adventures is one of the leading tour operators in Tanzania and we can plan your unforgettable safari holiday in Tanzania. Speak to our safari experts and let them brighten up your holiday with their suggestions!