Charity Fundraising Campaign

A growing number of climbers are nowadays climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity fundraising. Some of them are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with us without us knowing that they are doing fundraising, however, we are highly recommending to let us know so as we can help. If we have the knowledge that our climbers use their climb for charity without any doubt we will offer the second hand that will enable them to reduce the cost of climbing and having reliable documents to finance their proposed fundraising adventure.

Even though we believe climbing Kilimanjaro is a perfect way to call attention to and raise money for a cause, there are other options such as doing a safari or spent the charity holiday at Zanzibar Island. Whatever your decision is we will support you by making sure we provide all necessary assistance including planning together with the whole itinerary from scratch. You do not have to be a celebrity to make a difference in the community. Just a passion for a good cause and the courage to make it works. Though we did not take apart on finding a fundraising campaign idea, we can certainly arrange your tour with you. There is no group size limit. We can arrange climbs for groups of more than 30 participants. Once the trip is confirmed, you can begin seeking donations and connecting with your charity.

Our friendly advice is not to let any tour operator choose a cause for you. Relax and take your time to choose a cause that really fit you, and do not go with a tour operator who charges more money for your fundraising campaigns comparing to the market because they are just taking away your potential donations.

Suggested Cause Area:
◾ Supporting Health Programmes and Medical Centres.
◾ Environmental Projects.
◾ Educational Supporting Programmes.
◾ Development and Construction of Community Infrastructure.
◾ Capacity-building and Socio-economic development initiatives.

Suggested Fundraising Steps:
Step 1: Generate your charity fundraising cause. Many fundraising campaigns have only one for example; funding education program, support for health programmes such as Cancer treatments.

Step 2: You must identify key fundraisers (supporters) such as a co-worker, friends, family members, neighbours, institution etc. who will help to decide what amount of money you plan to raise and a detailed budget.

Step 3: Choose your challenge and the host the committee. Focus on your challenge, choose whether you will go with Mount Kilimanjaro climb, safari or Zanzibar excursions. Our general rule of thumb when considering your challenge choice is to attract people of all levels of experience, fitness and ability as well as all ages and backgrounds.

Step 4: Decide who will be benefited from your fundraising adventure, you may choose a person, group(s) or institution(s). Remember if you choose an institution that we were not recommended or represent certain institution to raise fund we will contact them to seek authorisation for you to fundraise on their behalf. We are highly encouraging you to choose a person, group or institution located inside Africa especially Tanzania. If you do so, the additional fund from our side will be released to fund your campaign.

Step 5: Here you go, start your fundraising campaign. We will assist you seriously in settling fundraising objectives and determining your fundraising activities.

Step 6: Depending on the difficulty level of the type of challenge you have chosen, you may need to set yourself a fitness program to ensure you're physically ready for the challenge. Never forgot to help your fundraisers too, if it is a possibility to train together then set your timetable.

Step 7: Hurray, you did it. It’s time to take the Challenge. Confirm everything is okay, meet with your fundraisers if it is possible. Make sure everything is as you planned at least a month before your departure to Africa. We will be very grateful to welcome you. After the fundraising makes sure that you take the time to send thank-you notes to everyone who is involved in this adventure, including contributors, volunteers, fundraisers and staffs. Keep them happy... you are probably going to be asking them for another donation sometime down the road.

Registration process:
Contact us or simply download our registration form below, fill out all necessary information and send back to us.
Download: Fundraising Registration Form or e-mail us at [email protected]