5 Big Advantages Of Booking Safari in Low Season

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12 January 2020

5 Big Advantages Of Booking Safari in Low Season

Tanzania is one of the dreamiest corners of the earth. Going for a Tanzania Safari trip is much more than just a holiday, it means a journey of lifetime memories. There are many travelers (mostly nature lover and wildlife lover) dreams about visiting Tanzania at least once. However, sometime few travelers couldn’t able to fulfill their dream as they get scared of seeing the high budgets of the safari tour operators.

To make your Tanzania Safari Tours successful within a pocket-friendly budget we have brought many tricks & tips. We suggest planning your trip in the low season and just enjoy the magic of Tanzania within your affordable package.

1. Save Your Money; As every market has a rule when demand increases price increases simultaneously. So mostly during the dry season, the accommodation and safari operator’s charge goes high. Sometimes, for budget travelers, it became hard to pay such a huge amount. However, when the wet season arrives mostly tourists don’t prefer to come for a safari.

2. Connect With the Wildlife More Personally; It’s considered the wildlife became hard to spot in the wet season so Tanzania safari in Low Season isn’t good for game view. But we truly don’t believe it. Undoubtedly, wildlife spotting is better in the dry season. But it is not true that they are not available in the wet season. There are many northern circuit parks like Serengeti, Tarangire, and Lake Manyara along with some Southern national park still offers a great view of wildlife.

3. Great Photographic Opportunity; The advantage of low season Tanzania safari is many and one of them is it offers a great photographic opportunity. The national parks allow shooting the most scenic views of the country. As in the rainy season the scenery became greener, the vegetation becomes dense and the birdlife blossoms at its best. Capture some stunning sunsets with the half cloudy and half golden sky.

4. Best Time To See New Born Baby Animals; During the rainy season, Tanzania offers a great opportunity for witnessing the claves and cubs of wild animals. Many animals calving season is the wet season. Especially, the short rainy season offers a great opportunity to witness the claves of Migrating herds.

5. Great Annual Migration; Do you feel you are going to miss the spectacular great migration show visiting in the rainy season? Well, not exactly. You get a great opportunity to meet these migrating herds in their calving season. The short rainy season during January and February is the time when the migrating animals give birth to their babies during their journey to Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve. Talk to your tour operators and plan properly the place and date accordingly to witness the “Great Annual Migration”.